combining form

external, outside, or beyond:

 “EXO, the defining prefix for my project, passion, and path”


The Colorado EXO Project is a self-supported personal mission providing the Bible to those who have questions regarding our existence on this beautiful planet. I live a blessed life here in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains and my appreciation of the landscape that God has allowed me to travel is the catalyst for my project.  When exploring such magnificent areas, I know it is only natural to wonder how it was all created so there lays my motivation for the Colorado EXO Project. For the many who travel the paths I do, I will leave a burlap bag that contains the Holy Bible; by the grace of God it will be a new beginning for the one who receives it. Along with each Bible will be a card inviting them to share their experience with the Colorado EXO Project with the intent to start a dialogue about Christian Faith.

 I say self-supported as I will continue working for my wonderful employer, build and fabricate my traveling home, and cover all my expenses on my own. The Colorado EXO Project will be a 3 year mission but, my hope is that it will continue beyond 3 years.  My only funding or donation request is to assist me in purchasing the Holy Bible , I purchase them through Christianbook.com in English Standard Version format making it readable to those receiving a Bible for the first time. These Bibles as well have introductions to the Old and New Testaments,  a reading plan, and a plan of salvation. Cost for each Bible is $1.99. Any donation is greatly appreciated or if you choose you may click on the link and purchase the Holy Bible direct and have it mailed to: C. Myers/The Colorado EXO Project P.O. Box 653 Avon, CO 81620.

Note: You are more than welcome to donate a used Holy Bible as well to the above address. All Bibles will be given to those who wish to learn about Christ Our Savior.

I will be sharing my travels on my Blog at Coloradoexoproject.com you are invited to read along, post comments and ask questions. I would like to create an open dialogue praising our Sovereign Lord, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Joyfully discussing our Faith and God's written word in the Holy Bible. 

All photos on this site were taken by the Colorado Christian as he travels, hikes, bikes and climbs God's beautiful creation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.