Welcome to my journey with God, Christ & the Holy Spirit, while I am not a Preacher, a Scholar, or Professional Blogger, I want to share my story of faith through the eyes of an ordinary average guy. I am sure to offend some but I can assure you this, I make no false pretenses of whom and why I am. 

Who am I? In short order I was raised in a middle class Baptist family, I accepted Christ as my savior at age 10 and began my journey of life with Christ. I am now 52 and to this day believe that Christ is my Savior. Although I have moved on to becoming non-denominational my Christian Faith remains the same. My life is not unlike many others, I have had my tragedies, my ups and my downs but, one thing in my life that has been a constant is Christ. I am not saying I have I prayed every day and had a personal relationship with God each and every day of my life, far from it. What I am saying is I always had Faith in Christ and although I may stray or become distant from the Lord I have always had him with me.

Now some will think, “just another Bible Thumper, praising the Glory of God” and I in response say NO. You see, this is what many think when one begins to speak about Christ, immediately one feels they are being stonewalled to become a Christian, far from the truth. Yes I accepted Christ into my life at an early age and was raised a Believer, I will give you that. That does not mean I press upon you to accept my beliefs nor does it make me feel superior to non-believers. My intent is to share how Christ has affected my life and my goal is to create a dialogue that allows me to invite others to comment and contribute to.