So what’s in a name “The Rebel Christian” am I rebelling against Christians quite the contrary, my faith in Christ is the reason I exist and my life is in the hands of the Lord. My rebellion is with sin, as all Christians are born in sin, I find myself each and every day battling my own personal sins whether it be thoughts, actions, or words, I rebel against my sins and ask for God’s forgiveness. As Christians we believe Jesus Christ gave his life for our sins, for us not to rebel against sin is to say one does not sin. One must make a conscious effort in their daily life to rebel sin and ask for forgiveness while striving to be righteous of God's Will.

 So indeed I am a rebel and as you will find I am pointedly honest about my actions and the actions of others no matter if it offends some, is not aligned with certain groups or considered improper etiquette. I do not judge but ask are we living our lives righteously?