God is ever existing, no beginning and no ending, he is eternal life. Science cannot prove what it does not know, theories and equations are man-made therefore how can their answers be correct? Neither science nor man-kind has the answer to faith. 

As many question God’s existence or where he came from, my answer is God is not in the realm of things that are created or caused. God is uncaused and uncreated, he simply exists.

How do I know this? I know that from nothing, nothing comes. So, if nothing ever existed, the world would not exist. But the world and we do exist and hence that something always had to be in existence. This ever-existing presence is what Christians call God. God was uncaused who in turn is responsible for everything else to come into existence. So one more time God was uncreated, he is the creator of our universe and all that exist in it.

So as you ponder my justification for God’s existence, think about this; do you believe the sun will rise tomorrow? If you answered yes, I ask how do you know this? Is it because you believe the sun will rise just because it did today or is it because you have faith that it will. Belief and Faith the way I see it are the same, so if you believe the sun will rise, you most certainly believe in something? That I believe in God’s existence is no different, because of my Faith in God our universe exists.