I pray that people at some point in their life will reach a point that they are fulfilled, they want for nothing else, their life is complete; you have achieved every goal, dream, or desire you have for your life. I know this asking a lot as many do not believe they will reach that point. I ask however, how much is enough?

I stand here a blessed man, saved by Christ a young boy but never having professed my faith outwardly, throughout my life I have asked for and received forgiveness and guidance, my life has been nothing short of amazing. I have only the Sovereign Lord and Christ Jesus to give Thanks for this life, being born to the most Loving Parents a son could ask for, having a brother that loves me more than himself, and a truly loving extended family. I have never wanted for anything; as matter fact I have received in my life more that I could possibly dream.

May this New Year we all give thanks to Christ Our Savior and to our Sovereign Lord for his Grace.       

Colorado Christian